I’m Tim. Over my working life, I’ve been a teacher, a coach, a coffee stand owner, a photographer, and have for the last little while been a software developer.

I’m learning that I tend to focus on the negative, but I’m changing that. For instance, I look at my past and am tempted to wish I hadn’t wasted so much time before landing in a field that I truly love. But now I want to embrace the story of who I am, focus on my strengths and on success, and live fully.

I pivoted from penniless photographer to software developer in four months. And landed a dream job with a Fortune 25 company barely a year after that. I’m capable of a lot. Now, I’m setting my sights on earning a position as Senior Engineer with my company, improving my ability to lead and manage (eventually targeting a position as Engineering Manager), and starting a small side business developing some mobile games. I’m putting it all out there. I know I’m capable of doing it all.

Here, I plan to record thoughts and learnings along the way; I hope they are helpful in some way.